Study notes

Handout for the May 11, 2018, Bible study in Astoria

An Offering Acceptable to God     Romans 15:14–33

  • Churchill’s offer of blood, sweat, and tears was unusual. What sacrifice does Paul have in mind?Rm1529

  • With what authority does Paul speak?

  • If Paul is bringing the Gentiles as a sacrifice, how does that build on and develop the imagery of Isaiah 66:18–20?

  • How have the Gentiles (and all believers) been made clean?

  • How was that evident in the lives of the church at Rome (verse 14)?

  • Why does Paul emphasize the signs and wonders that accompanied his preaching?

  • Why was Paul eager to travel to Rome, Romans 15:22–24? See also Romans 1:8–15.

  • What does he need to do first?

  • Of what is Paul certain (Romans 15:29)?

  • What blessing does Paul have in mind?

  • What areas of life are not affected by union with Christ?

  • What is “ascension deficit disorder”?

  • How fully do you experience the blessing of Christ in your life?

  • What is the hardest job you have this week?

  • On what does Paul base his appeal for prayer?

  • What can you learn about prayer from Paul’s request to the church at Rome?