Study notes

Handout for the July 6, 2018, Bible Study in Astoria

Isaiah: A Prophet for Our TimesIsiaiah-Rebrandt-Louvre

Introduction & Isaiah 1:1–20

Isaiah 1 notes (as a PDF)

“Isaiah brings us face to face with Him who sits upon the throne, high and lifted up, who controls the des­tinies of nations, and who sends to us a Child, even our Lord and Redeemer. The late Dr. J. Gresham Machen once spoke of the Old Testament prophesies as ‘full of the grace of God.’ And as we read of that grace may our deepest grati­tude be to Him who is the true Author of this prophecy, and who in the fullness of time sent to this earth Him whose name is Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” (E. J. Young, The Book of Isaiah, pp. viii-ix).

Handout for the June 22, 2018, Bible Study in Astoria

Satan Crushed under Your Feet! Romans 16:17–27

  • romans_16572cWhat threats to the church at Rome does Paul warn about, Romans 16:17–19?
  • Was this related to the problems described in Romans 14?
  • Who lies behind these threats?
  • Verse 20 speaks of crushing, echoing what promise?
  • What kind of peace results?
  • Is this promise true for the church today?
  • What blessing does Paul pronounce?
  • Who join in sending greetings?
  • How would you describe the closing verses (25–27) of the letter?
  • What is the mystery that Paul mentions?
  • How clear was the mystery to Old Testament saints?
  • How is God described?
  • How is the mystery related to Paul’s gospel and preaching?
  • Why does Paul mention “the nations” here?
  • How does God receive glory?


Handout for the June 1, 2018, Bible Study in Astoria

Greetings — in Christ   Romans 16:1–16

  • saintsWhy did the Holy Spirit include in the Bible this list of people who have been dead for nearly 2000 years (and many of whom are unknown to us beyond the reference in this chapter)?
  • How is Phoebe described?How important is the calling to be a servant (see Romans 15:8)?
  • What do we know about Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18:2, 24–28)?
  • What is Paul’s attitude towards women?
  • Why is there such a strong emphasis on individuals in this chapter?
  • Who are Andronicas and Junia?
  • When were they (and Paul) “in Christ? (Regarding the when of being in Christ see Ephesians 1:5 and Romans 6:5 as well as 16:7.)
  • What do individual believers, united together, form? (Romans 16:5 [and 14 & 15?]; 1 Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15.)
  • What is a “house church”?
  • In what different ways is the term church used?
  • How warmly are the saints to greet one another?
  • Who is the source of the unity of the church?
  • Why does the Holy Spirit list all these names in Romans 16?


Handout for the May 11, 2018, Bible study in Astoria

An Offering Acceptable to God     Romans 15:14–33

  • Churchill’s offer of blood, sweat, and tears was unusual. What sacrifice does Paul have in mind?Rm1529

  • With what authority does Paul speak?

  • If Paul is bringing the Gentiles as a sacrifice, how does that build on and develop the imagery of Isaiah 66:18–20?

  • How have the Gentiles (and all believers) been made clean?

  • How was that evident in the lives of the church at Rome (verse 14)?

  • Why does Paul emphasize the signs and wonders that accompanied his preaching?

  • Why was Paul eager to travel to Rome, Romans 15:22–24? See also Romans 1:8–15.

  • What does he need to do first?

  • Of what is Paul certain (Romans 15:29)?

  • What blessing does Paul have in mind?

  • What areas of life are not affected by union with Christ?

  • What is “ascension deficit disorder”?

  • How fully do you experience the blessing of Christ in your life?

  • What is the hardest job you have this week?

  • On what does Paul base his appeal for prayer?

  • What can you learn about prayer from Paul’s request to the church at Rome?




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