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Hear the Word of Christ

voiceIn a world of tweets, blogs, and internet “discussions” is there still a place for something as old-fashioned, something as counter-cultural, as preaching? Could preaching even be the primary means God uses to bring people to himself? (Yes, I know I am using the web to ask these questions!) The answer of the Apostle Paul in Romans 10:14-21 may surprise you. This Friday evening’s 101 Bible Study, meeting in a home in the Astoria area, looks at that passage of Scripture. You are welcome to join us Call or text 971/238-6101 for more details.

“Christ is being represented as being heard in the gospel when proclaimed by the sent messengers. The implication is that Christ speaks in the gospel proclamation.” (John Murray, The Epistle to the Romans, Vol. 2, p. 58).

“The Reformation conception of preaching is embodied in the Second Helvetic Confession: ‘The preaching of the word of God is the word of God.’ Our Lord, the incarnate Word, has identified the preaching of his ordained spokesmen with his Word: ‘He who hears you hears Me’ (Luke 10:16). Herman Hoeksema correctly insisted that the Greek of Romans 10:14 should be translated as the American Standard Version has it: ‘And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? as opposed to ‘Him of whom they have not heard?’ Thus it is ‘the preached Word rather than the written Word’ which is the primary means of grace. Christ is immediately present as the true Speaker in the preaching moment. ‘The implication is that Christ speaks in the gospel proclamation.’ Preaching is not speaking about Christ, but is Christ speaking.” (Gregory E. Reynolds, “God Still Speaks,” in Ordained Servant, http://opc. org/os.html?article_id=108). See link for references for quotations. Dr. Reynolds is the author of The Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures: Preaching in the Electronic Age.