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How Majestic Is Your Name!

mountains_13293ac“. . . the Holy Spirit, who directed David’s tongue, doubtless intended, by his instrumentality, to awaken men from the torpor and indifference which is common to them, so that they may not content themselves with celebrating the infinite love of God and the innumerable benefits which they receive at his hand, in their sparing and frigid manner, but may rather apply their whole hearts to this holy exercise, and put forth in it their highest efforts. This exclamation of David implies, that when all the faculties of the human mind are exerted to the utmost in meditation on this subject, they yet come far short of it.”(John Calvin, Commentary on the Psalms, on Psalm 8:1).

Wednesday evening’s Bible study on prayer looks at Psalm 8, Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC

Peace with God

When the 101 Bible Study met on November 20 we studied the first half of Romans 5. I ran across this from John Murray:

The death of Christ does not constrain or elicit the love of God but the love of God constrained the death of Christ as the only adequate provi­sion of this love.” (John Mur­ray).

It sets the background for that wonderful comparison/contrast that we find in the last half of Romans 5, as Paul talks about the first man, Adam, and the second man, the Lord Jesus Christ.