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Why this 101 Bible Study blog?

north-oregon-coast-2What do we do?

On alternate Friday evenings a small group gathers in a home in the Astoria area. We open our Bibles and study the Word of God together. This is the 101 Bible Study.

What does 101 stand for?

An introductory study—like Math 101? Or a road—as in Hwy 101?

101 Bible Study is both.

. A basic study of the Bible, it focuses on the grand (and true) story of how God made you and all things and how he restores and renews in his Son. 101 is also a place—this study meets on the north Oregon coast.

Why this blog?

Recently the .blog domain was made available. This is a place to pass on information about the 101 Bible Study and to post quotes from authors relevant to the study, as well as other items that readers might find useful.

For more information and for the location of the next study call: