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The Powerful Spirit Working in Your Life

Ayear1002ec“The way to be filled with the Spirit is to let God’s word dwell in you richly. We will be more and more filled with the Spirit as we are more and more filled with Scrip­ture.” (Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., The Work of the Holy Spirit, p. 31).

“. . . the Scriptures are espe­cially serviceable for this pur­pose — to raise up those who are prepared by patience, and strengthened by consolations, to the hope of eternal life, and to keep them in the contempla­tion of it.” (John Calvin, Com­mentary on the Epistle to the Romans, at Rom. 15:4).


The Glory of the Lord

fire_16238c“[T]he final goal of various significant redemptive-historical episodes throughout scriptural history was God’s glory. All these events with glorious goals point to the glorious goal of the final events of history, in which God will definitively execute judgment, accomplish redemption, and establish the eternal new creation. At this time, God’s glorious presence will permeate every part of the new heavens and earth and all will exalt and glorify him for his glorious atttributes, which have been manifested through his culminating acts at the eschaton.” (G. K. Beale, A New Testament Biblical Theology, p. 63).

Soli Deo gloria–glory to God alone!


(Quote used in the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC)

The Spirit Prays for You

Rm0827“The grace of the Spirit’s ministry is that even when Christians are too weak to formulate prayer, he effects the Father’s determination to gather his children into his arms and engage them in his purposes.” (Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Holy Spirit, p. 189).


For this evening’s study on Romans 8 at the 101 Bible Study.


The Spirit, Who Is Life

flowers_15388ac“. . . in Romans 8:9,10 those who ‘belong to the Spirit’ (v. 9d, i.e., are ‘in Christ’) are at the same time those ‘in the Spirit’ (v. 9a), those in whom ‘the Spir­it of God dwells’ (the Spirit in you, v. 9b), and those in whom Christ dwells (‘Christ in you,’ v. 10a), all because of, to empha­size it again, who the Spirit is (the Spirit of Christ–v. 9c), and who Christ is (the life-giving Spirit–I Cor. 15:45).” (Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Perspectives on Pentecost, p. 21).

“. . . what Paul [means] by the Spirit, is not the mind or under­standing. . . but a celestial gift; for he shows that those are spiritual, not such as obey rea­son through their own will, but such as God rules by his Spirit. (John Calvin, Commentary on Romans at 8:9).

How is Jesus glorified by the Spirit?

water_15078acThis evening’s Bible study at Trinity Presbyterian Church focuses on John 16:5-16. In verse 14 Jesus writes, “He [the Holy Spirit] will bring glory to me by taking from wht is mine and making it known to you.” My concluding thought on the passage:

How is Jesus glorified in this? He is glorified by the Spirit drawing to Christ those for whom he died. He is glorified by the Spirit working in them to shape their lives to be like his. He is glorified as, in the last day, he is joined to his bride, the church, beautifully dressed for her husband and Lord. What the Spirit is doing in you this week through the Word and sacraments is bringing glory to Jesus!