What is 101?

highway-101What does 101 stand for?

An introductory study—like Math 101? Or a road—as in Hwy 101?

101 Bible Study is both.

A basic study of the Bible, it focuses on the grand (and true) story of how God made you and all things and how he restores and renews in his Son. 101 is also a place—this study meets on the north Oregon coast.

study_7046cDo  you have questions? Are you asking, “What is truth?” Is there meaning in life? Are you longing for a return to historical biblical truth that doesn’t compromise with the modern world . . . a truth that reveals the real nature of man and God’s purpose in creating us? If so, consider joining our Bible Study that meets in a home in the Astoria area at 6:30 on alternate Friday evenings.

You will find friendly people with a deep appreciation of how God’s grace has touched their lives. Questions and discussion are welcome. Particularly, if you live on the North Oregon coast, somewhere in the Cannon Beach, Seaside, Astoria, Oregon, or Long Beach, Washington, area, you are invited to call nine-seven-one/238-6101 (since you are a human and smarter than a bot, you can convert the written numbers to digits!)  for more information and the location of the next study.


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