Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him!

What do you think about Jesus? Who is he, really? A wonderful teacher? A great example? Both true, but Matthew points you to something even more important about who he is.

“[T]his miracle of the sea. . . irresistibly focused the attention upon the transcendent person with whom the disciples had to do. . . .” (Ned B. Stonehouse, The Witness of Matthew and Mark to Christ, p.138).

[The certainty of faith] “is grounded in the promises of God, not in changing experiences or imperfect good works. Doubts and fears certainly do arise from time to time in the believer’s heart (Matt. 8:25; 14:30; Mark 9:24), and believers must certainly fight against them throughout their lives. However, they can only wage that struggle and only prevail in that struggle by the power of the faith that holds onto God’s promise, rests in the completed work of Christ, and is thus by nature certain.” (Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 4, pages 131–132).

Quotes from the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC.

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