The Light of Christmas

“[W]e have the obligation to accept that revelation of God, to understand it, and to respond to it with a life consisting in knowing, serving, and loving God with all our heart and mind.” “[T]here is an illumination of the Logos (John 1:9), or of the Spirit of God, in intellect, conscience, heart, and mind of human beings, such that they can understand God’s general revelation in nature and history. . . . [T]here is an illumination of human beings who live in the light of the gospel, by the Spirit of God, such that they can recognize and know the special revelation that comes to them in Christ and more specifically in Scripture as special revelation of God.”(Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 1, p. 350)

“Testimony is a serious matter and it is required to substantiate the truth of a matter. . . . Witness establishes the truth. It does more. It commits a man. . . . John lets us see that there are those like John the Baptist who have committed themselves by their witness to Christ. But he is bold enough to think that God has committed Himself.” (Leon Morris, The Gospel According to John, p. 90)

Quotes from the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church

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