When God Is with You

“The debt man’s transgres­sions incur is written down in God’s book, and must be punished. God, however, blots out or wipes out what is written down, so that it can no longer be seen and no longer is present to ac­cuse the transgressor. . . . The debt those transgres­sions incurred has been fully paid, and God’s blotting out is an act of justice and mer­cy.” (Edward J. Young, The Book of Isaiah, Vol 3, p. 162).

“The prophecy of new cre­ation in Isa. 43 begins with, ‘Behold, I will do something new’ (v. 19) and concludes with, ‘The people I have formed for Myself will de­clare My praise’ (v. 21). The immediate contexts of the prophecies in Isa. 43 and Isa. 65 imply a notion of res­urrection (cf. 43:21).” (G. K. Beale, A New Testament Biblical Theology, p. 231).

The 101 Bible Study meets on Friday, October 4, 2019, in a home in the Astoria area. Call 971/238-6101 for details.

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