“I Am He”

How does God identify himself, and why is that important? The 101 Bible Study meeting on August 23 looks to Isaiah 41 for answers.

“The emphasis on water and trees had also been found in the account of Eden in Gene­sis 3. Through the en­trance of sin into the world, however, the garden was forfeited, and man entered a world where thorns and this­tles would grow and he would labor by the sweat of his brow. In picturing the fu­ture age of blessing, the es­chatalogical period when restoration will occur, Isaiah uses the combined figures of water and trees. It is as though a bit of heaven had come down to earth; and, in­deed, those who one day will be blessed of these rivers and these trees are in the heavenlies in Christ Je­sus.” (E. J. Young, Com­mentary on Isaiah, Vol. 3, p.95).

“This verse [Isaiah 41:22] il­lustrates the true nature of Christian apologetics. False­hood is here placed upon the defensive; it is com­manded in the name of the God of Israel to defend its cause and to out its justifica­tion for existence. There are difficulties in the acceptance of Christianity, but the Chris­tian need not be expected to answer every difficulty. Rather, he must challenge the very right of unbelief to a hearing. The cause of God is best defended by means of a challenging offensive such as is here offered.” (E. J. Young, Com­mentary on Isaiah, Vol. 3, p.98).

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