Why Is God Gracious?

“Hezekiah made an appeal to the honor of the Lord in His grace toward His people. He wrestled in faith, and his prayer came before the Lord’s throne. He was the intercessor for his people. As such he was a type of he Christ, who is always interceding on behalf of his people. Through the Christ, this spirit of prayer was in Hezekiah,and for the sake of the Christ, the Lord heard.” (S. G. De Graaf, Promise and Deliverance, Vol. 2, p. 375).

“Surrounded by poetry on ei­ther side, Isaiah 36–39 is a narrative bridge that links chapters 1–35 with 40–66. Isaiah previously proclaimed that God would judge Is­rael’s enemies and save those who trust him. Can God be trusted to do this? In chapters 36–39, God acts concretely in history to res­cue his people from attack, answering this question in the affirmative. This section also provides the context for chapters 40–55 as Isaiah tells Hezekiah that the na­tion is doomed to exile in Babylon.” (Drew Hunter, Isa­iah: A 12 Week Study, page 51).

The next 101 Bible Study, meeting Friday, June 21, at 6:30 p.m. in the Astoria area, focuses on Isaiah 40. You are invited! Call 971/238-6101 for location.

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