Your God Will Come!

What does it mean when your God comes? Is it something to dread? Something to rejoice in? Isaiah 34 & 35 both speak of God coming.

“[T]he physical and spiritual curses of the fall are starting to be taken away by Jesus. The healings were signs of the inbreaking new creation, which were not the complete healing of peo­ple’s bodies, since they would still die due to effects of the fall. Nevertheless, these wonders foreshadowed Jesus’ own complete healing in resurrection and the time when his followers will be completely healed.” (G. K. Beale, A New Testament Biblical The­ology, p. 569).

The next 101 Bible Study, meeting Friday, June 21, at 6:30 p.m. in the Astoria area, focuses on Isaiah 40. You are invited! Call 971/238-6101 for location.

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