The Promise of the Messiah

thorns_17324c“The New Testament makes it clear to us that no man is to partake of the tree of life until he has the right to do so, and there must come the second Adam, who by his obedience (as the first Adam disobeyed) obtains for his people the right to partake of the tree of life. We will eat of that tree when we have the right to partake of it, and that right we receive through Christ.” (Edward J. Young, In the Beginning: Genesis 1–3 and the Authority of Scripture, p. 110).

“The first redemptive revelation after the fall (Gen. 3:15) . . . predicted the final victory over sin, the removal of the curse, and, by implication, the return of the conditions of paradise.” (Geerhardus Vos, The Eschatology of the Old Testament, p. 37).

You probably don’t need reminding that you live in a fallen world, a world under the curse that God pronounced when Adam and Eve sinned. You listen to the news and you are reminded. And when you look honestly at yourself you are reminded again. But, as Genesis 3:15 & 4:25–26 point out, into our broken, hurting world, God promises to send the Seed of the woman. That gives you hope and comfort.

In giving Seth, God is assuring that One will come whose blood will speak better things than that of Abel. Instead of crying out for vengeance, his blood speaks the comfort and joy of forgiveness. The joy and peace sung outside of Bethlehem, the triumph of the resurrection, and the wonder of the new heavens and earth are all encapsulated in what God granted Adam, Eve, and you. And notice where is found that description of blood that speaks of better things than that of Abel. It is in the context of worship. And the scene of worship in Hebrews 12 is not in the future. In Christ you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem.

From the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church.

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