The God Who Called You

“The emphasis falls on the sovereignty of the divine grace manifested to Paul. At the same time, however, the apostle stresses the fact that God had much earlier — from his mother’s womb, as a matter of fact — appointed him for apostleship.” (Herman Ridderbos, The Epistle of Paul to the Churches of Galatia, pp. 62–63).

lily_16673ac“There is no preaching that is worthy of the name unless Christ is set forth in all the glory of his Person and all the fullness of his saving power.” (Geoffrey B. Wilson, Galatians: A Digest of Reformed Comment, p. 27).


Westminster Shorter Catechism Q. 31. What is effectual calling?
A. Effectual calling is the work of God’s Spirit, whereby, convincing us of our sin and misery, enlightening our minds in the knowledge of Christ, and renewing our wills, he doth persuade and enable us to embrace Jesus Christ, freely offered to us in the gospel.

From the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC

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