Come, Lord Jesus

Rv2221“Because Christ is the savior of the world, he will someday return as its judge…. Because the creation is his work, it cannot and may not remain the booty of Satan. The Son is the head, Lord, and heir of all things. United in the Son, gathered under him as their head, all creatures return to the Father, the fountain of all good. The second coming is therefore required by his first coming.” (Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 4, p. 685).

“[I]t is appropriate that the Spirit, symbolized as lamps in heaven (Rev. 4:5), and the church-bride, symbolized as lamps on earth (1:20), now blend their voices to invite this world’s thirsty ones to the water, holding forth the testimony of Jesus for as long as God’s patience delays final judgment.” (Dennis E. Johnson, Triumph of the Lamb, p. 329).

“[Revelation] is not a book of riddles but a proclamation of the Great King. The end echoes the beginning. The Great King binds us to His covenantal Word. We live by faith alone, by grace alone, by Scripture alone.” (C. Vanderwaal, Search the Scriptures, Vol. 10, p. 111).

From the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC. This message concludes a series on the Book of Revalation.

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