The Branch of the Lord and the Song of the Vineyard

Is0402Studying Isaiah 4:2–5:6: God not only commands you to bear good fruit—he also sends the true vine. Only as you are grafted into him can you be the fruitful branch you should be.

“Light and darkness, salva­tion and judgment go togeth­er and form the concept, the Day of the Lord.” (E. J. Young, The Book of Isaiah, Vol. 1, p. 173).
“The Branch is of the Lord, it is His, and comes from Him.” (Young, p. 175).

“Using the metaphor of a vineyard, Isaiah’s song retells Israel’s history from their initial ‘planting’ in Canaan to their continual failure to bear righteous fruit (5:1–7). While Isaiah sees destruction coming in the fu­ture (5:5–6), the psalmist lat­er writes from the midst of it and pleads for God to ‘have regard for this vine’ (Ps. 80:14). This is the back­ground to Jesus’ announce­ment, ‘I am the true vine’ (John 15:1). He is the True Vine who bore the fruit of righteousness that Israel and all of us failed to pro­duce.” (Drew Hunter, Isaiah: A 12-Week Study, p. 16).

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