A Wedding Invitation


Do away with the idea that eternal glory is some kind of ephemeral, hazy existence. It includes a real banquet, rich food, aged wine. The triumph of Christ over death is a real victory and results in real celebration. John’s imagery gets complicated. The bride is the church, but those who receive the invitation are also part of the bride. Thus it is no accident that when the Lord instituted the Lord’s Supper, he did so at the Passover Feast. The small piece of bread, the cup that we drink, not only point back to his suffering and death, but also give you a foretaste of a much richer banquet that you will enjoy in perfect fellowship with him in the new heavens and earth.

hallelujah_6500c“The saints offer praise only to God because he alone deposed Babylon and deserves glory for this deed, which accomplished ‘salvation’ for his people and demonstrated his ‘power.’ This hallelujah and those to follow stand in stark contrast to the laments in 18:9–19.” (G. K. Beale, The Book of Revelation, p. 926).

“The culmination of God’s redemptive plan is often pictured in Scripture as a feast overflowing with joy and rich food and drink. . . . Weddings and feasting belong together (Matt. 22:1–14), and the blessed guests who are invited to the Lamb’s wedding feast are themselves included in the bride who is so honored by her Husband’s love.” (Dennis. E. Johnson, Triumph of the Lamb, p. 264).

From the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church

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