Satan Crushed under Your Feet!

snake_15215c“Each element is significant. God will crush Satan, he will crush him under the feet of the faithful, and he will do it speedi­ly. The promise of a victorious issue undergirds the fight of faith.” (John Murray, The Epis­tle to the Romans, Vol. 2, p. 237).

“[I]n Paul (as in the whole of the Scripture) ‘peace’ refers not only in the first place to disposi­tion, but is the declaration of the all-embracing gift of salva­tion, the condition of shalom, which God will again bring to unrestricted dominion. It is the peace that is to reign when ‘the God of peace will soon crush Satan under the feet’ of his people (Rom. 16:20.” (Herman Ridderbos, Paul: An Outline of His Theolo­gy, p. 184.)

“[T]hen only [at the coming of the Messiah] were opened the treasures of ce­lestial wisdom, when God appeared to his ancient peo­ple through his only-begot­ten Son, as it were face to face, all shadows having been done away.” (John Calvin, Commentary on Romans, at 16:26).

Quotes used preparation for the 101 Bible Study meeting in Astoria on June 22. This will conclude our study of Romans. See the Study Notes page for a copy of the handout.

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