Be God’s Faithful Witness

ezekiel_17098c“In Revelation 11 the measuring connotes God’s presence, which is guaranteed to be with the temple community living on earth before the consummation. The faith of his people will be upheld by his presence, since without faith there can be no divine presence. No aberrant theological or ethical influences will be able to spoil or contaminate their true faith or worship.” (G. K. Beale, The Book of Revelation, p. 559).

“Since we have already seen the church portrayed as priests who reign (Rev. 5:10), we may suspect that these two witnesses symbolize the whole church in its role as witnesses to God’s truth and against the world’s lies and wickedness.” (Dennis E. Johnson, Triumph of the Lamb, p. 171).

“The scroll containing God’s plan for history, for the victory of his witness church through suffering, has been opened by the Lamb and delivered to the prophet John to be announced for the comfort and warning of the churches. Despite the rage of its enemies, the church is secure in the presence of its holy champion. Despite its spiritual security as a measured sanctuary, the church is vulnerable to the violent aggression of those who hate its testimony about Jesus and seek to silence its call to repentance. Yet the last word concerning the church’s paradox-filled experience in this time between the Lamb’s comings is the voice of the seventh trumpet, announcing at history’s end: ‘The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever’ (Rev. 11:15).” (Dennis E. Johnson, Triumph of the Lamb, p. 176).


Quotes used in the Reflection for a message on Revelation 11:1–14 at Trinity OPC.

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