Prayer–and the den of lions

lion_16661cIn the Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer time at Trinity OPC, we are in what is proving to be a long series on what the Bible teaches us about prayer. This evening we look at Daniel 6. Despite the king’s decree forbidding prayer to anyone except him for a month, Daniel not only prays, he opens his window towards Jerusalem to pray, and is thrown into the den of lions as a result.

What is God teaching us about prayer? What is he teaching us about his own character and his own work?

The curse of wild beasts is the penalty for covenant infidelity (Deut. 32:24). What Daniel experienced is the common experience of all Israel, which has been devoured by Babylon and swallowed up. With the restoration of Daniel, however, one sees a glimmer of hope that perhaps all Israel also will experience rest-oration. One man, devoured by the pit, and then returning from there, personifies all the saints–given over to death by fearsome forces, then against all hope being restored and seeing their enemies vanquished instead. One man is needed, who is in reality what Daniel is only in symbol. We need one morally perfect, blemish-free man who really does die on behalf of his people, who really is brought back from Sheol, and in so doing destroys the real enemy–the pit itself. Amen, come, Lord Jesus! George M. Schwab, Hope in the Midst of a Hostile World, p. 92, © 2006. Pub. by P&R Publishing.

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