Your Wake-up Call

Ayear0701ecIn Romans 13:11-14 Paul calls you to wake up, to walk properly, as in the daytime, and to put on Christ.

“[I]n the Old Testament the bond between God and Is­rael, as his covenant people, is expressed in a variety of ways, but perhaps most evocatively in the descrip­tion of God himself as ‘the portion’ of his people (Pss. 73:26; 119:57; Jer. 10:16). Reciprocally, they are ‘the Lord’s portion’ (Deut. 32:9)…. The climactic real­ization of this covenant bond, this reciprocal posses­sion between the triune God and his people, the church, is centered for Paul in union with Christ.” (Richard B. Gaf­fin, Jr., By Faith, Not by Sight, pp. 40, 41).

This Friday evening the 101 Bible Study meets in Astoria to look at that passage of Scripture.

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