Eat from the Tree of Life!

tree_7242cp“The tree of life stands in the midst of the garden. The garden is the ‘garden of God,’ not in the first place an abode for man as such, but specifically a place of reception of man into fellowship with God in God’s own dwelling place. . . . The correctness of this is verified by the recurrence of this piece of symbolism in eschatalogical form at the end of history, where theere can be no doubt concerning the principle of paradise being the habitation of God, where He dwells in order to make man dwell with Himself. . . . The tree was associated with the higher, the unchangeable, the eternal life to be secured through the probation.” (Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology, pp. 37-38).

“Paul also had emphasized the balance of truth and love that makes the church grow (e.g., ‘speaking the truth in love,’ Eph. 4:15). Having heeded the apostles’ emphasis on truth, this church had slipped off the balance by neglecting love. Unless corrected, the loss would prove lethal to the church’s light-bearing mission in its city.” (Dennis E. Johnson, Triumph of the Lamb, p. 72).

(Quotes used in the Reflection for next Sunday morning’s sermon based on Revelation 1-7 at Trinity Presbyterian Church)

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