Unashamed of the Gospel

Bible_14579cp“Faith always connects the power of God with the word, which it does not imagine to be at a distance, but . . . possesses and retains it.” (John Calvin, Commen­tary on 2 Timothy).
“The origin of the believ­er’s faith does not lie in himself but in the calling of God, which in its irrevocable efficacy and power is life-giving and creative (Rom. 4:17; 11:29; Eph. 1:18-20; II Tim. 1:9). Yet this call­ing only realizes its en­livening function in the act of establishing fel­lowship with Christ (I Cor. 1:9), the life-giving Spirit, apart from whom there is neither life nor justification nor adoption nor sanctification nor any other saving reality. . . .” (Richard B. Gaffin, The Centrality of the Resurrection: A Study in Paul’s Soter-iolo­gy, p. 142).

Used in the Sunday afternoon Bible study on 2 Timothy 1 at Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC.




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