The Revelation of Jesus Christ

clouds_13715ac“Our interpretation of Revelation must be driven by the difference God intends it to make in the life of his people. If we could explain every phrase, identify every allusion to Old Testament Scripture or Greco-Roman society, trace every interconnection, and illumine every mystery in this book and yet were silenced by the intimidation of public opinion, terrorized by the prospect of suffering, enticed by affluent Western culture’s promise of ‘security, comfort, and pleasure,’ then we would not have begun to understand the Book of Revelation as God wants us to. The dragon’s assault on the church comes in different forms and from different quarters in different times and places. . . . Our only safety lies in seeing the ugly hostility of the enemy clearly and clinging fast to our Champion and King, Jesus.” (Dennis E. Johnson, The Triumph of the Lamb, pp. 18-19).

“John’s purpose in writing is, therefore, to encourage those not compromising with idolatry to continue in that stance and to jolt those who are compromising out of their spiritual anesthesia so that they will perceive the spiritual danger they are in and repent and become witnesses to the risen Christ as Lord. For those who never respond, only judgment will ensue.” “[T]he focus of the book is exhortation to the church community to witness to Christ in the midst of a compromising, idolatrous church and world.” (G. K. Beale, The Book of Revelation, NIGTC, p. 33).

Quotes used in the Reflection for Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC. The Sunday morning message begins a series on the Book of Revelation.

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