Now I Lay Me down to Sleep

peace_4205cAmidst hurricanes, fires, and other threats, can God’s people sleep in peace? This evening’s Bible Study at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC, focuses on David’s prayer in Psalm 4.

Skeptics doubt, but David points you to the covenantal faithfulness of the Lord, echoing the Aaronic benediction, verse 6. You lie down in peace because the anger of God against your sins has been propitiated by his providing the perfect sacrifice of his Son. Objective peace now exists between you and God. That provides the security you need. The troubles and challenges are real, but David and Paul (and you) share the confidence that God does secure you. The problems may not have vanished–but you approach them, not as a victim of chance, but as one who is under the care of your faithful Savior.

“Evening may be the occa­sion but not the main theme of this psalm, which is concerned with inward peace (8) in a distracting situation. The approach of night, with its temptation to brood on past wrongs (4) and present perils, only challenges David to make his faith explicit and and to urge it on others, as a commit­tal of one’s cause (4f.) and oneself (3, 8) to a faithful Creator.” (David Kidner, Psalm 1-72, page 55).

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