Intercessory Prayer

mountains_7460cp“How wonderful it must have been for Moses in that tent [of meeting]! There he enjoyed God’s presence as never before. The Lord talked with him just as one talks with a friend. When Moses left the tent, Joshua remained on guard. At this time, only Moses enjoyed the glory of this fellowship with God. The Lord Jesus wants to offer such intimate fellowship to His people. Once our sins are atoned for and forgiven, God again wishes to have communion with us as friend with friend.
“Moses used this fellowship to be a mediator for his people. If God’s presence did not go with him by way of the Angel, he could not lead the people. He would only find the way in the light of God’s full grace upon the people. The people, too, could only walk in this light.” (S. G. De Graaf, Promise and Deliverance, Vol. 1, pp. 307-308).

This evening’s Bible study and prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church (OPC) looks at intercessory prayer–as Moses anticipated the perfect intercession of Christ. You are welcome to join us at 7:00 p.m.


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