The Book of the Covenant

reeds_15693ac“The sacrificial ritual forms the center of the rites of the tabernacle. The altar is in fact, a house of God, a tabernacle in miniature. Hence it is described as the place where God records His ‘Name,’ and meets with His people (Ex.20:24).” (Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology, p. 172).
“Yahweh’s jealousy must be understood as Yahweh in his love going on the offensive on behalf of his holiness and on the defensive on behalf of his people with whom he is united in covenant. Yahweh’s love will not tolerate any rivals or synergistic cultic activities.” (Gerard Van Groningen, From Creation to Consummation, pp. 373-374).

(Quotes in preparation for the the Reflection on the message at Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC)

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