The confession of a skeptic

john_10174C“In this confession of Thomas, however personally it is formulated, the Fourth Gospel reaches its its climax and returns to the starting point in the Prologue: the coming and work of Jesus the Christ, the Word that was from the beginning with God and was God has become flesh and has dwelled among us.” (Herman Ridderbos, The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary, p. 648).

“The resurrection must be history to be relevant to us. God came into our history and wrought with the exceeding greatness of his power, and, because Jesus now lives in the realm constituted by this resurrection power, in the glory his resurrection inaugurated and the ascension completed, proclamation is not in word only but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, and faith rests not upon the wisdom of men but on the power of God.” (Collected Writings of John Murray, Vol. 1, p. 336).

In preparation for the Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC.



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