Honest to God

potter_3257c“We must. . . employ ourselves earnestly and unfeignedly that we may be able to confess that the bread we eat comes to us from God’s hand, and that we are sustained by his goodness, as by a father who gives a portion ot his children. . . . Let us labor to do good with the little we have, and to succor such as have need.” (John Calvin, Sermons on Ephesians, at 4:28).

“Because Jesus so spoke of his person and work, and defended Mary, his words have placed care for the poor at the heart of Christian devotion. . . . His words imply that we may do for the least of his brothers what we would do for him. He receives our devotion to the poor as we care for them in extravagance, pouring out on them what we wish we could pour out for him.” (Edmund P. Clowney, How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments, p. 118).

Quotes related to the reflection on Sunday morning’s message at Trinity Presbyterian Church of the OPC.

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