Here Is Your Son. . . Here Is Your Mother

“Mary will from this moment on step back as his mother and uniquely reflect the im­age of the community that remains behind on earth. The disciple whom Jesus loves no less significantly repres­ents those whom Je­sus has bound to himself from the beginning to be his witnesses and to continue his work on earth. . . . It is in this light that we must view Jesus’ final statements to these two and the words with which the Evangelist concludes this passage: ‘And from that hour the dis­ciple took her into his own home.’ This is not merely a historical note pertaining to Mary’s place of residence after Jesus’ death but a sal­vation-historical reference—in the man­ner of the Fourth Gospel—to the new ‘family of God’ that from that hour took form as a result of Jesus’ final testamentary disposition.”
(Herman Ridderbos, The Gospel of John: A Theological Com­mentary, pp. 613-614.)

Wednesday evening Bible study at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC, focuses on John 19.


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