Christ before the High Priests (1)

lamb_11138cWednesday evening’s Bible study/prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC, will focus on Jesus before the high priests (John 18). In a trial which was a verdict of guilty looking for excuse to convict, the high priest examined Jesus about his disciples and his teaching. Jesus responded that he had not taught in secret, but in the synagogues or the temple. He challenged his interrogator, “Ask those who heard me.”

The Dutch theologian and preacher, Klaas Schilder, suggests that Jesus’ response might be expanded. Ask the men who cut wood. Ask the women who carry water from the wells. Ask the people who listened to the sermons and parables. He invites the high priest, the representative of the court of the land, to bring in his hearers as witnesses. Schilder suggests the appropriate resp0nse:

“Reply now, and tell Annas, and say to Caiaphas, and to the whole world, that in refer­ence to Christ there is but one appropriate thing to do: to surrender and to be willing to believe.” (Christ on Trial, pp. 44-45).



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