Jesus Prays for You!

tree_13854ac-2What is Jesus doing in heaven right now? He is praying for you. John 17:20-27 gives you an idea of how he is praying for you. Don’t miss the focus on the Father’s glory and the glory of the Son. The life of the church since the night that Jesus prayed this is really the Father unfolding the answers to this prayer.

“What an influential prayer has this been! What has God been doing ever since in the government of the world, and in the administration of grace, but answering this prayer? Whence came the glories of Pentecost,˗˗the moral miracles of the primitive age,˗˗the spread of the gospel,˗˗the conversion men in all countries and ages, but from this prayer rising up with acceptance before God?” (John Brown, An Exposition of Our Lord’s Intercessory Prayer, pp.223-224).

What Jesus is requesting for his church is more than mutually warm, fuzzy feelings. It is a unity that is observable to the world in how we treat one another, in how we interact. Along with the prayer for unity Jesus asks that you, those given him by the Father, will be with him in order to see his glory. Although the disciples had seen glimpses of the glory of Christ, they had not witnessed its fullness as Jesus humbled himself to be the Savior. They were about to witness his utter humiliation. You, too, have seen Jesus humiliated and rejected, his name used as a curse. But now, because of his suffering and death, he will be glorified, see Philippians 2 and Revelation 4. He is going to the Father, and he wants you to be there with him.

For Jesus, about to go to the cross for you, it was unthinkable for him to complete that work and enter glory without you, those given him by the Father, those for whom he died, and thus for whom he now prayed. Your assurance of the fullness of glory rests in the fact that Jesus has not stopped praying for you and will not until you are with him.

(In preparation for tonight’s Bibles study and prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC.)

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