Jesus prays for his disciples

lighthouse_14475c-1Jesus allows his disciples (and through John and the work of the Holy Spirit, you as well) to listen as he pours out his soul in prayer to his Father. He has prayed for himself. In John 17:6-19 he prays for his disciples, and by implication, for the church which he will establish through them.

“Within that realm [the truth of God’s word and of his name] the disciples are not only safe in the world but also capable of continuing the work for which Jesus has destined them. . . . They do not consecrate themselves to service for God away from the world, but rather in the act of entering into the world.” (Herman Ridderbos, The Gos­pel of John: A Theological Com­mentary, p. 555).

Jesus does not pray for health and wealth for you, but rather for your protection from the evil one. He protects you by the Name. He gives you the truth, his Word.
Yours is no monastic calling. Jesus himself sends you into this world with it suffering and rebellion against him. He gives you the task of making his name known.
Is that work overwhelming? Jesus, who needed no sanctification in the sense that we do, progressively dying to sin and growing in grace throughout our lives, nevertheless sanctified himself. He set himself apart to God to do the work given him. Now he sets you apart, both to carry out the joyful task of serving him and to daily die to sin.

(Preparing for this evening’s Bible study and prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church, OPC)

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