The Joy of Being a Friend of Jesus

hydrangea_13870cGod does not simply pity you, but actively loves you—loves you to the point of having sent his Son to suffer, die, and rise for you. As you walk through deep waters, remember that the Father loved the Son every step of his way, and both of them love you.

As I am reviewing in preparation for this evening’s Bible study and prayer time at Trinity Presbyterian Church, I am thinking of several people I know who are going through some very deep waters. The assurance of the love the Father and the Son have for you is profound.

And these quotes:

“It is by this grand con­ception of being taken up by faith in Jesus into the love of the Father and the Son that the church can understand itself in its uniqueness in and for the world.” (Herman Ridderbos, The Gospel of John: A Theological Com­mentary, p. 522).

Christ is speaking, not just of his love for us as individual believers, but for his love for his church as well. And Ferguson reflects on the depth of the joy Christ offers:

“. . . not only are we united to Him—He has determined that His joy and ours are now insep­arable!” (Sinclair Ferguson, In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel Centered Life, Kindle Edition).


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